May 17, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha at BVUMC: Part 2 Working with Chronic and Acute Pain - Compassion

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for all your wonderful emails and support. I shall give an update this Sunday on my visit this week with the oncologist and what I will be faced with upcoming.

Virginia let me know that she did see Anthony this past Tuesday night at Berkeley Buddhist Monastery in white samanera robes looking very peaceful and very much at home in his place with the other monks.

If you are able and interested in opening the doors to exploring death at this time in your life, please come to the church tomorrow for our daylong on Death, Dying and Mindfulness. See the website link below for more details. Please bring a notebook and pen for the afternoon writing session.

This Sunday, I will be continuing with the talk I started on the 5th of May about Working with Acute and Chronic Pain, but focusing on Compassion and how it can unfold on its own accord. Looking forward to see all of you tomorrow and/or Sunday.

with metta,


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