May 9, 2013

Sun 7-8:30 Hidden Power of Mood at Alameda Sangha

Dear Friends,

Moods can be awful or delightful, or a lot in between. One of the last things Joseph Goldstein said to me when I practiced with him at the Forest Refuge was, "Don't be fooled by your moods." Up to then, I hadn't really considered mood a phenomenon that could fool me, but he tipped me off to studying them, and now I see how they often trip us up.

How can our practice help us recognize that we're in a mood, and once we do, what can be done about it? Come this Sunday, 7-8:30pm and we'll examine how our practice can keep us from being "fooled" by our moods, and how that work can contribute to our spiritual growth. All are welcome.

With metta,

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