May 7, 2013

Latest Health News

Dear Ones,

On Sunday I announced that I have metastisized cancer to the bone marrow and yesterday we found out that it is from breast cancer despite my having a mammo last year and I receiving a clean bill of health. So much for cancer screening!

So I am now reconsidering having chemo (but still need to speak with the oncologist) because it will extend my life a little but more importantly, maybe shrink the spinal lesion some and possibly get rid of the numbing and tingling sensations in my feet and legs. All of this is temporary of course, because the cancer has already spread to the bone marrow, etc.

At some point I will have a page on Caring Bridge so that anyone who would like to know can check in with my progress or turn for the worse on it. I will be teaching as much as I am able to.

I have been losing weight at a rapid pace which is scary and my energy is zapped. I need to graze all day on small snacks. If anyone has other ideas to add to nuts and dried fruit, as alternative snacks, please let me know.

I am grateful for all of your support and metta. Right now, continuing walks each week with those of you who come to do this with me is great. At some point when I become weaker or even should I decide to start chemo, we would need meals for the family but I will let this be known when the need arises.

So I may have a year at best but not 5 according to the oncologist. If anyone wants to be an active participant in my death journey, I would welcome it. I am planning my death rituals and ceremony with Rebecca and Baruch.

with gratitude for all your support and your practice,


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