March 4, 2013

Practice for the Week: Bare Awareness

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the lively discussion last night. For this week, here are the steps to remember in practicing with Bare Awareness:

1) Just the facts, ma'am at the inception of perception.
2) Sifting process: here we watch our mind come up with all kinds of commentary, judgements, comparisons, strategizing, creating of stories, etc.
3) Acknowledge, note and dismiss.
4) at the same time, do not react in action or speech.
5) 2,3 and 4 allows us time for the mind to move towards open receptivity and spaciousness to allow us to respond in a skillful way.

Happy Practicing! Next Sunday we will explore Mind Work and how best to cultivate being the dispassionate observer without losing engagement with what is actually happening after the inception of perception.

Mark your calendars! Baruch and I will be teaching a daylong on Death, Dying and Mindfulness exploring the 5 Recollections which the Buddha has offered us. This will be on May 12th, Saturday from 9 to 5 right here at the church. Bring a bag lunch!

with gratitude for your metta and practice, Pauletta

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