March 11, 2013

Practice for this Week: Mind Work

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your prompt attendance despite the time change yesterday and for the good testimony to last week's Bare Awareness practice.

"Bhikkus, whatever a bhikku frequently thinks and ponders upon, that will become the inclination of his mind." Sutta 19 in the MN

This week continue to explore what mind states, wholesome and unwholesome we all are tending towards habitually feeding.
See if we can become the outside observer or witness to these mind states and see it happening in our minds and arising internally.

Notice what habits of mind is in our relationships to the daily life problems that arise for us.

Finally, in our sitting meditation, if there is obsessive thinking happening, practice noticing how our awareness feels at that moment. That there may be contraction and constriction of mind happening. Once we let go,, there may be an expansive and more receptive awareness. This is good to notice and feel deeply in the heart, body and mind as well.

with gratitude and metta for your practice,

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