February 27, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha: Bare Awareness

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Remember to stop for a few moments and feel the warmth, brightness and joy inside the body that this weather brings to our hearts. As James Baraz says, it's important to find at least 6 moments of joy, or at least an absence of suffering and feel it in the body, heart and mind for 30 seconds, each moment. Practicing this for a week will definitely create a shift in one's perspective towards more wholesome mind states.

So this Sunday, we will be exploring yet another tool known as Bare Awareness or Bare Attention. This too will also change one's perspective in dealing with all types of sentient beings in our daily lives. It has been most helpful in taking care of ourselves in what could turn out to be disagreeable situations depending on our individual conditionings.

Hoping to see you all there,

"Bare attention brings order into the untidy corners of mind" Nyanaponka Thera from "The Heart of Buddhist Meditation."

with metta for your practice, Pauletta

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