February 4, 2013

Practice for the Week: The Fourth Noble Truth: The Noble 8Fold Path

Hello Everyone,

What a great turnout last night for SuperBowl Sunday. Thanks for coming and for all the great discussion on Wise Livelihood that was contributed after the talk.

This week, think about contemplating and reflecting on one factor of the Noble 8Fold Path or one aspect such as sila (virtue) and consider practicing for at least a week, something like Wise Speech. Remembering that in order for speech with others or with oneself internally to be wholesome and skillful, 4 components need to be present: the speech has to be 1)truthful 2) helpful 3) kind and 4) appropriate.

Happy practice this week and remember to not hesitate to email if you have any questions. My talk from last night should be up to listen to again in a day or two.

with gratitude for all your practice and metta,


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