January 9, 2013

This Sunday, January 13, 2013 at Buena Vista United Methodist Church: The Four Noble Truths- The First Noble Truth

Hello Everyone,

Come and explore the very first teaching of the Buddha. When the Buddha realized that this was the way to the end of all suffering, and reached awakening, he decided to never share it with anyone because he felt it to be too difficult and subtle to grasp. Hear the story of how he came to decide to do otherwise which is how we are fortunate to have his teachings up to this very day! I will be offering each Noble Truth as a teaching for the next 4 consecutive Sundays! Don't miss the chance to hear these teachings in their proper sequence and in its entirety!

Second, here is the link to my Winter Newsletter 2013 with new artwork, two good dharma articles on humility and acceptance, and one article on anatta or not-self, as well as a yummy recipe to try.

Last, I am in need of a ride to the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies in Redwood City early Friday morning, the 18th of this month. I would need to be there by 8:30 am. Steve (my husband can pick me up at 5 later that day) My usual carpool buddy who habitually drives us both there on Fridays, is not able to go this particular Friday. I am unable to drive myself over due to this autoimmune condition which makes it difficult for me to drive in long, stop and go traffic which is how it is both ways over and back. My legs cramp up and my feet feel number and more tingly having to constantly shift back and forth between the brake and gas pedals. It's really the pits! But if no one is able to do this, no worries, please. I am just trying my best to not have to miss this once a month meeting for the Chaplaincy program.

Thank you all for your practice and looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday,

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