January 16, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha: The Second Noble Truth: The Origin of Dukkha (Suffering)

Hello Everyone,

Come this Sunday and explore together the three kinds of desire that can lead us to craving which is the origin of dukkha.(suffering)

1) Delights of the senses (kama tanha)
Watch and notice how many times a day we move towards pleasurable distractions because we are bored or can't be with what is.

2) Desire to become something (bhava tanha)
A good example of how to practice with this is discussed in the article The Artist as a Full Human Being, in my newsletter. Click to read

3) Desire to get rid of something (vibhava tanha)
Wanting a situation, someone or a mental state to go away rather than trying to work with it in the body and to investigate the relationship that we have towards that which we want to be gotten rid of.

Looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday,
with metta, Pauletta

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