January 31, 2013

This After Super Bowl Sunday at Alameda Sangha: The Fourth Noble Truth: The Way to the Cessation of Suffering is the Noble 8Fold Path

Hello Everyone,

This Sunday, to accommodate those who would like to watch the end of the Super Bowl, we will be doing a 45 minute sitting meditation. Please come at any time and just enter quietly if we are still meditating. As always, the talk will be offered shortly after the 5 minute stretch break.

Come and explore the 4th Noble Truth. It is important to incorporate sila(virtue), panna(wisdom) and samadhi(concentration and mindfulness) practices in order to begin to have insights in one's practice. The 8 Factors will be offered not as a set of rules to be followed in order to become a good person, but rather to be reflected upon and contemplated in one's life in order to gain peace of mind and harmony of lifestyle.

Hope to see most of you this Sunday,

with metta, Pauletta

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