January 3, 2013

Precepts for a New Year & Beginners Class

Happy New Year, Dear Friends!

If you can be free from the habits that cause suffering NOW, making every moment new and full of opportunity, does that mean you can go wild and Do Anything?

Well, seriously, it's obvious the answer to that is, no.  Last week as we explored our dreams and resolutions for the new year, I offered one guiding principle for walking the Eightfold Path: loving kindness.  With metta in our heart-minds, we will naturally make decisions that liberate us and avoid harming others.

But there are moments when our hearts and minds are not all that loving and kind.  Like when we're wounded by those "first arrows" of life.  When we've forgotten that we can be free, right now. 

What guidance do the teachings offer us for those times?  Well, plenty, actually.  Not as rules that can't be broken without punishment, but as guidelines and support as we travel this path.  Come this Sunday 7-8:30pm and bring a friend to help us explore how the 3 aspects of the Eightfold Path concerned with conduct, and the five precepts offered for lay people can help us become generators of happiness for ourselves and the world around us.

And if you think of yourself as a Beginner, or have questions about your practice, please come early on Sunday for a 20-minute class that will begin at 6:40 pm.

Best wishes,

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