January 28, 2013

Practice for the Week: The Third Noble Truth - the Truth of the Cessation of Dukkha (Suffering)

Hello Everyone,

For this week, continue practicing with the First and Second Noble Truths, seeing our suffering in daily life, and then seeing with our mindfulness how craving takes us straight down the road to suffering. With the Third Noble Truth, it is important to see how suffering arises and passes away and then from this, that we shouldn't grasp on and identify with the suffering since it doesn't stay around forever.

Today I will have an MRI (my first ever!) and despite my practice, am very scared about doing it due to the claustrophobic conditions and length of time that one has to be inside the tube. Please send good wishes. I will really appreciate it. It happens around 4 pm this afternoon,

Thanks for your contributions to a mind not clinging last night,

with metta, Pauletta

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