December 20, 2012

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha: The Three Characteristics of Existence - Dukkha, Anicca and Anatta

Hello Everyone,

Come and explore the Buddha's teaching on the Three Characteristics of Existence. Dukkha, aka suffering, or dissatisfactoriness, Anicca or Impermanence (whatever arises ceases) and Anatta or Not Self. We will learn to increase our awareness around these three truths of reality. Initially, it can be sobering and difficult to voluntarily choose to notice and be with but with perseverence, it is possible to reach a liberation and a lightening of our sacks of dukkha that we tend to carry around with us day after day.

We will do a metta guided meditation also to help prepare our mental states for meeting up with family for the holidays.

with gratitude for your practice, Pauletta/

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