December 6, 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012: Reflections on Practice and Retreat

Hi everyone,
This Sunday, I (Anthony) will be leading the group. It was great to see so many people last Sunday with the visiting nuns from San Francisco. I hope it inspired your personal practice through this past week.

The topic this coming Sunday will be my own reflections on practice and the cycles of practice; and more specifically, I'll be talking about my upcoming retreat in which I'll be away for several months. This will be my last time leading Alameda Sangha until May 2013 or so. I also want to use this time to share some of my experience/perspective as I've watched Alameda Sangha grow and mature during the last three years.

I'll look forward to seeing many of you, and saying a (temporary) farewell to this wonderful community.
With gratitude,

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