November 1, 2012

Sunday 7-8:30 pm Forgiveness

Dear friends,

"Forgiveness is giving up all hope for a better past." – Jack Kornfield and/or Lily Tomlin

Imagine having no regrets, no guilt or shame about anything: a conscience completely at ease, utterly at peace with your past. Even the little embarrassments, times you mis-spoke and never suspected you'd hurt someone until it was far too late. All gone. Forgiven. There's an expression in the suttas: the bliss of blamelessness.

Now imagine the mirror image: letting go of resentment about every misstep others have made. Feelings that no longer hurt. The grudge almost too heavy to carry, finally dropped like another dead weight on the rock pile, your arms lifting with the delight of release. At peace with your past experience.

What separates us from the bliss of such acceptance? What clinging keeps us from being free of these burdens? Come this Sunday, 7-8:30 pm, with your own stories in mind, of forgiveness found or refused, and help us explore together what binds us to this form of suffering – and what can liberate us. Bring your friends.


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