September 20, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 7pm: Wise Reflection

Hi everyone,
This week the topic will be Wise Reflection. When we stop and think, is it usually productive? Are our moments of reflection and contemplation beneficial, or do they just stir up our emotions and distract our minds? This is some of what I'd like to talk about this week. 

The practice of meditation, specifically, and Buddhist practices of developing the heart and mind, more generally, require clear understanding of what is happening. It is harnessing the abilities and capacity of our minds to know accurately. However, this process can continue into reflection and contemplation. Thinking is not bad or wrong. But we can consider whether our thoughts and thought patterns are useful or not; whether they are true or not; whether they are kind or not.

Okay, so I hope to see many of you this Sunday evening. Enjoy the end of your week,

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