August 30, 2012

This Sunday September 2 at Alameda Sangha 7-9 pm: The Six Sense Spheres Part 2

Hello Everyone,

The talk for the Six Sense Spheres Part 1 is now up on the website. Please listen to it before this Sunday if you get a chance and plan to come.

Last Sunday, we learned about the Buddha's first set of instructions in teaching us how to use this category of experience of the Six Sense Spheres as a doorway to liberation. They are:

"He knows the eye, he knows forms....he knows the ear, he knows sounds.....he knows the nose, he knows odours.....he knows the tongue, he knows favours.....he knows the body, he knows the tangibles, ....he knows the mind, he knows mind-objects......and he knows the fetter that arises dependent on both....." from Analayo, "Satipatthana, the Direct Path to Realization"

We will review and work with the above set of instructions this Sunday just to reinforce for those of you who were here this last Sunday.

Then, we will learn this coming Sunday, the Buddha's second set of instructions in his teaching on the Six Sense Spheres where we work with the defilements of the mind that can come up for us at each sense door creating the conditions for us to resort to our deeply conditioned automatic reactions thus bringing us back again and again to repetitive dukkha. Wouldn't we all like to get off the wheel of suffering? The Buddha shows us how.

"...he knows the fetter that arises dependent on both, and he also knows how an unarisen fetter can arise, how an arisen fetter can be removed, and how a future arising of the removed fetter can be prevented."

We use our mindfulness to help us see these fetters and how they can manifest and be removed. The practice itself is simple. It's just difficult for us to remember to do. Come and explore how we can get closer to liberation by applying the instructions of the Buddha.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

with metta, Pauletta

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