August 8, 2012

Sunday, August 12: Intention and Actions

Hi everyone,
This Sunday the topic I will bring up is intention and actions. In Buddhist teachings, there is the understanding that action is basically intention. The well-known word for action in Buddhism being 'karma'. So, what does it mean to us if our intentions are seen as equivalent to our actions; and vice versa? How do we develop an awareness that can see our intentions and actions clearly? And what if our intentions and our actions do not seem to match up? Or, more problematic at times, what if other people's intentions and actions don't appear to align?

These are just things to think about. Honestly, there is a lot to say on this subject, but it really begins with how the movements of the mind and heart impact the movements of our mouths and bodies... a relevant topic, I believe.

Hope to see many of you this Sunday evening, and I hope the end of your week goes well,

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