August 17, 2012

Sunday 7-8:30pm Loving Ourselves

Dear Friends,

I grew up hearing that I could be anything I wanted, if I was determined and worked hard.  Who I was seemed like something to be ambitious about, a goal that ought to be lofty and hard to reach.  These were messages from teachers and preachers, in speeches and ads -- they floated in the cultural air I breathed.  We were all being taught, essentially, not to accept who we already are.

This is a sad truth of Western culture, that it's rare for us to truly love ourselves just as we are.  Unfortunately, not loving one's self makes it hard to love others, too -- in a fully accepting, open way.  But it isn't impossible for us to re-wire our thinking about ourselves.  In fact, it isn't very hard.  It takes an attitude adjustment, an opening of the mind and heart, and of course... practice.

Join us this Sunday as we look at loving ourselves, what that means and how our practice can help us do that.  Bring someone you like.

And I have three (3!) announcements:
  1.  Alameda Sangha is offering a day-long meditation retreat on November 10, from 9 to 5, at the church where we usually meet.  More information will be available on the web soon.  For now, save the date and tell your friends!
  2. Our second annual sangha potluck is coming up.  A week from this Sunday, on August 26, from 5:30 until just in time to get to the church by 7pm.  For more information go to  Second Annual Sangha Potluck Picnic August 24
  3.  Because of the picnic, Dina will not be offering yoga that evening, but the following Sunday, September 2.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday,

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