August 22, 2012

Sangha Picnic this Sunday at McKinley Park on Buena Vista 530 pm then Alameda Sangha 7-9 pm at the church: The 6 Sense Spheres Part 1

Hello Everyone,

It's great to be back from a short vacation and saying goodbye to Natasha (my daughter off to Tulane University).  This Sunday we will be getting together at the park a few blocks down from the Buena Vista United Methodist Church (away from Park Street). It starts at 530 pm and all three of us teachers will be there. We are looking forward to socializing and sharing a meal before we reconvene for our usual weekly meeting at the church at 7 pm. Please bring something to share.

After the picnic, we will be exploring the 6 Sense Spheres. This is one of the 5 dhammas (mental qualities or categories of experience) in the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness in the Satipatthana Sutta - an important teaching of the Buddha on how we can awaken and live a liberated life. The 6 Sense Spheres is one of the many doors (with detailed sets of instructions) that the Buddha offers us to become awakened. The ways in which we respond to what we come in contact with from one moment to the next through the 6 Sense Spheres determines whether we remain stuck in repetitive dukkha or move towards liberation. Come and explore together all that this set of instructions from the Buddha can offer to each one of us!

Looking forward to seeing all of you again, with metta,

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