July 5, 2012

This Sunday, July 8th: Impact of Compassion

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. I (Anthony) will be leading the group this Sunday, and it seems like a long time since I was last there in May.

The topic I would like to bring up this week is the impact of compassion. There are many different angles from which I would like to approach this subject. Some of these include: how our compassion impacts others, how our compassion impacts our own lives, how the compassion of others affects ourselves, how an attitude of compassion can impact awareness of each arising moment, etc.

As a reflection prior to Sunday, I would invite you to think about the phrase 'Impact of Compassion.' How do you hear it? What does it mean for you? What questions do you have?

I hope to see many of you this Sunday evening, and I wish you a good end of the week,

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