July 27, 2012

This Sunday, July 29th, 7pm: Reviewing the Path

Hi everyone,
This week the topic will be "Reviewing the Path." What I mean by this is that in meditation practice it is good to learn methods and tools for reflecting on the practice. We may have tendencies to be severely judgmental or harsh when reflecting on our own life. To counteract this, we can also think about ways to honestly, compassionately, and realistically evaluate how we are doing and whether what we are doing is useful for us.

So, that's the idea. In preparation, if you want to think back about your life situation when you started practicing meditation (even if it was just 2 weeks ago!), and then reflect on your life now. Just noticing the changes that have occurred, or those that haven't. Feel free to bring in examples from your own life.

Alright, see you Sunday, and I hope you have a good weekend until then.

With peace,

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