July 19, 2012

Sunday 7-8:30pm Moods & Attitudes

Dear Friends,

Most of us believe we know what we're thinking and feeling, but sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference between an event that seems to have caused our emotions, the variety of thoughts we think about what happened, and the way we actually feel.  

If these familiar territories of the mind can be tricky, the areas of mood and attitude can be quite baffling.  We often don't even see them.  But they can have a powerful effect on us and the way we conduct our lives.  So this Sunday we'll try to get a handle on them.

Until then, see if you can identify what mood you're in.  Maybe you wake up in one and go to bed in another, or maybe you've been in the same mood for weeks and it shows no sign of packing.  How do moods affect your daily life?  Attitudes tend to be more permanent and even harder to spot.  Maybe we don't like to see how current decisions are influenced by old judgments that have been preserved as attitudes.  See if you can spot a few.  Bring your stories, and any friends who themselves have moods or attitudes. 

See you then,

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