June 28, 2012

Yoga with Dina from 6 to 6:45 this Sunday, July 1st and Equanimity at Alameda Sangha from 7-9 pm

Hello Everyone,

Dina will be teaching yoga this Sunday from 6 to 645 pm at BVUMC and we will meet for Alameda Sangha as usual afterwards.

This Sunday come and learn about Equanimity or Upekkha, the fourth and last of the Four Brahmaviharas. Considered by some teachers to be an advanced practice because of the ability to accept and be with all that arises and to remain balanced in the midst of it, find out how many of us are already experiencing upekkha in our daily lives through the wisdom of our practice without being completely aware of this happening for us. Learn the far and near enemies and also how upekkha inter-relates to the other three Brahmaviharas when we are able to bring them forth as skillful tools and uncover their being covered over by our reactive tendencies through its cultivation.

Here are some Equanimity phrases you can reflect upon and use as yours in Equanimity sitting meditation practice:

You are owner of your karma. Your happiness and unhappiness depend on your actions, not so much on my wishes for you.
Whether I understand it or not, things are unfolding according to a lawful nature.
All Beings meet their joys and sorrows according to a lawful nature.
Things are just as they are.
May I accept things just as they are.
May I be undisturbed by the comings and goings of events.
I will care for you but cannot keep you from suffering.
No matter how I might wish things to be otherwise, things are as they are.
All things arise and pass away.

Order of practice for Equanimity are:

Neutral person
Dear Friend
Difficult person
All Beings

with metta and gratitude, Pauletta

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