June 21, 2012

This Sunday 7-8:30: Attention Control??

Hello, everyone,

I can't remember exactly what I meant months ago when I picked this title for this Sunday's talk, but maybe together we can figure it out.  Sometimes the most productive way to learn about practice is to reflect on just what does happen during our normal meditation practice.

So if you meditate before the meeting on Sunday, you might take a minute at the start to:
  • remind yourself that you are about to devote this time to being mindful and present
  • form the intention to set aside concerns of your daily life, and
  • choose to be open to whatever does enter your awareness during the meditation session
At the end:
  • reflect on what happened
  • notice if you tend to judge what happened and how that feels, and
  • remember that you're just trying to strengthen your mindfulness through this exercise in recollection
If you feel like taking notes, it would be great to bring them on Sunday.  I'll make a few remarks, and then together we'll compare observations about where our attention goes and how it's used during practice.  It could be surprising.  And fun.

See you there,

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