May 25, 2012

This Sunday, May 27, 2012 at Alameda Sangha: The Second Brahmavihara - Karuna (Compassion) 7-9 pm

Hello Everyone,

May this find you well.

Come and learn to cultivate karuna (compassion) the second heavenly home of the heart's awakening. Karuna is the capacity to turn towards pain in the world in ourselves and others without getting overwhelmed or debilitated by it. It enables us to be able to just simply be present in the face of the pain afflicting all beings including ourselves or to respond to the situation with kindness.

Learn how karuna when cultivated, inter-relates and works in concert with upekkha, (equanimity) and metta(lovingkindness) the two other Brahmaviharas. We will explore the full Pali sense of the word karuna, learn about its near and far enemies and most importantly learn to cultivate it on and off the cushion. A deep sense of vulnerability may arise through the practice that we do with this particular Brahmavihara. Rewards promise to be transformative in our lives.

Looking forward to offering this teaching to you all,

with metta and gratitude for your practice, Pauletta

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