May 14, 2012

This Sunday May 20th: The First Brahmavihara: Metta (Lovingkindness) at Alameda Sangha 7-9 pm

Hello Everyone,

May this find you all well. I am sending out the weekly email early this week because I'd like to ask you all to listen to my talk, Introduction to the Brahmaviharas given on March 27th 2012. You will find it by googling Alameda Sangha and choosing Audio Dharma Talks. It is the perfect intro to this upcoming Sunday's talk which will be on metta.

Come join and explore with me, the definitions, manifestions and functions of metta, how to practice it and the benefits of daily metta practice on and off the cushion. Those of you who have been doing it awhile know what I'm talking about. I will be bringing handouts on the benefits of metta, the metta sutta and phrases we can practice on the cushion, directing the wishes of well-being towards ourselves first and foremost, a neutral person (an acquaintance), someone we care about, i.e. teacher, mentor or dear friend), a difficult person and all living beings.

May you have a loving and peaceful rest of your week,


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