May 3, 2012

Sunday, May 6: Meeting at Island Yoga for this week only

Hi everyone,

As we've been announcing for a while now, this Sunday's meditation group will be held at Island Yoga. Please see below for details.

I also encourage anyone who is interested and able to drop by the church during the day on Sunday for the annual bazaar that the church hosts. It should be fun and there will be lots of good food. Alameda Sangha will also be having a table so that people can find out more info about what we are doing. Thank you very much to the volunteers who will be there at the table. We appreciate it greatly!

As for the topic for Sunday, I will continue with the theme of self/identity that I've been discussing the past couple of weeks. This week's topic may seem a little out of place with the theme, but I believe it is very important. The topic will be "Thinking and Knowledge", and what I am referring to here is the aspect of our 'selves' which thinks, learns, deliberates, etc. How does this mental aspect of our experience fit into the Buddhist teachings on self and identity? It can be a confusing aspect of our practice, but, of course, it plays a crucial role.

Hopefully, many of you will be able to make it this Sunday evening.

Just a note, Island Yoga has a limited number of chairs (maybe 10) for sitting. So, if you use a cushion at home, feel free to bring that with you so that we can make sure there are enough chairs for everyone to sit comfortably. The yoga studio does have many blankets and things to provide extra padding for those who are able to sit on the floor.

See you soon... with peace,

May 6 Meeting Moved to Island Yoga, 911 Central Ave. 

Click here for directions. 

Our hosts, the Buena Vista United Methodist Church, will have their annual fund raiser on May 6. An afternoon of music, companionship is offered, along with box dinners for $10. Because the cleaning up after then event may not be complete we will be meeting that evening, at our regular time of 7pm at Island Yoga, at 911 Central Ave.

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