May 28, 2012

Karuna Practices for the Week

Hello everyone,

We had a record high attendance of 30 people last night! Thank you all for coming on a holiday weekend! May this find you all enjoying the sunny day at long last after a few past days of fog.

Keeping in mind last night's offering of the near and far enemies of Compassion which are pity, that creates a sense of separateness between oneself and the other as opposed to interconnection, and cruelty from which arises anger, aversion and/or potentially a wish to extract vengeance for a perceived wrongdoing, remembering that we can use the grounding of upekkha or equanimity to help us in our responses to originate from kindness and care.

In daily life, attempting to have the perspective towards arisen situations of "dukkha and the end of dukkha" to dispel any rigidity and judgements, will go a long way towards reaching equanimity as part of the total operating system of karuna or compassion.

In sitting, bringing up the image of oneself or another who is having difficulty right now in life and saying the phrases,

May you/I be free of suffering and pain. May you/I have peace.

It is important to attempt to establish a heartfelt connection between the phrases (please do try to customize them) and the person that the kindness is being directed towards.

May you all have a fruitful practice,

Pauletta ps see you all next Sunday for Mudita or Sympathetic Joy.

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