April 19, 2012

This Sunday, April 22, 2012 - Pre-meditation Yoga and Practicing with Not-self

Hi everyone,
The monthly yoga offered by Dina will be held this Sunday, April 22nd. Please come by 6pm and bring your own yoga gear if you have it. Also, remember that the May 6th Sunday group will be held at Island Yoga. (See Alameda Sangha website for that info)

I will be leading the group for the next four Sundays, so I thought I would try to thread the talks together by a common theme. The theme will be working with our personal identity and self in our practice; and by practice I mean both on the meditation cushion and in daily life.

This Sunday, I will present the teaching of not-self, and then talk further about how we can make the concept more of a reality in our practice. One common misperception of this teaching is the belief that it means there is no self, but there are many other misunderstandings. Hopefully, I will address some of these.

If you have time before Sunday, it could be a useful exercise to reflect on your own understanding of the teaching of not-self. Using your response to that reflection, also consider how you have come to this understanding and how it impacts your daily practice.

Hope to see many of you Sunday.

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