March 19, 2012

Practices for the Week: for the Destruction of the Taints

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday, May this find you all well and ready for the work week. Attached is the postcard with information for the 5 week workshop at the church on Thursday nights with Baruch Golden and I starting in May for the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness Dhammas and the June 2 daylong at Island Yoga with Anthony Rodgers and I. Mark your calendars! Drop-in for the workshop is fine. No need to commit to all 5 nights, although one dhamma does lead into the next.

For this week, please choose one of the two practices below to focus on and I look forward to hearing about it at check in next Sunday evening:

1) For a day, practice seeing impermanence in all aspects of our daily life and formal sitting practice. During sitting as you get more quiet and settled, you can focus your awareness on when a breath begins (with the inhale) and when it ends (with the exhale). Throughout your day, bring some attention to the beginning and the ending of each activity, i.e. a meeting at work, washing the dishes, checking your email, etc.

2) Choose one of the 7 ways for destroying the taints. Put this into practice for a defined period of time.

a) Seeing - practice with seeing and understanding the Four Noble Truths in daily life
b)Restraining - really observing and watching what comes in through the sense doors and how it affects you. Ex. late at night - what happens to the quality of your sleep if you watch an action movie shortly before going to bed?
c) Using - not indulging and using only what is necessary to keep you from getting too cold, hungry or stressed.
d) Enduring - the discomfort of physical sensations and unwelcome words. Practice patience here.
e) avoidance of non-likeminded friends, unsuitable seats and dangerous animals and environments
f) removing arisen thoughts of sensual desire, ill will, cruelty, evil and unwholesome states.
g) developing the 7 enlightenment factors: mindulness, investigation, energy, rapture, tranquility, concentration, equanimity

Don't hesitate to email me with any questions you may have. The talk should be on the website in a few days for review.

with metta, Pauletta

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