February 1, 2012

This Superbowl Sunday, Bhavana: Misconceptions of Meditation

Hello Everyone,

Learn about the real sense and meaning of "bhavana". It's not "meditation"! And maybe explore your own ideas about meditation and what the meaning of a "good" sit might be for you. What did the Buddha have to teach about meditation practice on and off the cushion? This talk hopes to shed some light on what this practice really entails, and how the teachings dispel mistaken ideas that meditation is about getting rid of thoughts, getting somewhere, attaining something, etc. etc.

As another related but different topic, please take some time to visit this link and hear what the well-respected monk and scholar, Thanissaro Bhikku has to say about the "real" practice of dana and how it has gotten somewhat distorted in its transplantation in the West from its Asian Theravada roots. It is truly enlightening!

No Strings Attached offer by Thanissaro Bhikku

Lastly, please don't be afraid to come in late after the Super Bowl. We will be starting off right away with our 30 minute meditation sitting, so anyone wanting to do both on Sunday - the Super Bowl viewing and coming to the sangha, can just mindfully and quietly enter the church. Hope to see you all,

With metta and gratitude for your practice,


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