February 8, 2012

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha Sigalaka Sutta: The Buddha's Advice to Lay People on How to Live one's life for increased Happiness

Hello Everyone,

I will be offering the teachings from the Sigalaka Sutta where the Buddha advises Sigalaka how best to live his life, but also I will be touching upon some of the Buddha's less popular but equally important suttas on economic and political wholesome ways in which to interact with the rest of the world. He says that it starts with the individual doing their own practice for increased happiness and compassion and kindness towards others, but all those individuals of any one nation can have an impact on the rest of the world.

In the history of mankind, emperor of India in the 3rd Century BC, Asoka, was the only king who upon becoming Buddhist, reigned following the Buddha's principles of non--violence and economic welfare to decrease crime and dissatisfaction in a nation at large.
It proves that despite the naysayers who say that only military power insures peace in a nation, that "....hatred never ceases by hatred, only through love is hatred overcome....." from the Dhammapada.

Also, FYI, my talk for last Sunday on the misconceptions of meditation is now available on the Alameda Sangha website.

Hope to see you all this Sunday,

With gratitude and gladness for your practice, Pauletta

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