February 13, 2012

Buddha's Advice to Laypeople Reflections/Practices for the Week

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for coming and listening last night. The talk should be on the website mid-week. Remember that the three of us will be teaching on February 26th. If the volunteers could make a special effort to be there, we would like to acknowledge what they do for the sangha.

In reflecting on the teaching in the Sigala Sutta this week, think about the nature of our relationships with others, particularly the 6 mentioned by the Buddha: parents and children, teachers and students, partners in committed relationships, employers and employees, householders and monastics. Consider the duties both sets of relationships have in "worshiping" each other as the Buddha spoke about. See if  it is necessary to investigate on a deeper level any aspects of contention or ways in which to have more skillful and wholesome interaction and relationship in the realm of any one or more of these 6 sets of relationships that we can have in our daily lives.

And have a peaceful week of work, practice and life in general,

with metta, Pauletta

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