January 5, 2012

This Sunday, Serenity Lost/Regained

Dear Friends,

Many of us came to meditation practice seeking serenity and stayed because we found it.  Yet losing it is an almost daily occurrence.  In fact, as we sit in meditation, serenity can come and go almost continually.

Rather than feel this loss of serenity as a kind of spiritual defeat, we can approach the experience like investigators doing fieldwork in the wonderland of our own minds and hearts.  What takes us away from our precious moments of tranquility?  What do we learn about our mental patterns from seeing this?

Come this Sunday with your questions and observations and we'll explore together the causes and conditions of serenity and the forces that cause its loss.

Looking forward to seeing you again this Sunday,

PS -- Bring your friends and remember this meeting will be an hour and a half.

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