January 26, 2012

Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012 - Bittersweet Views

Hi everyone,

This week we'll be meeting at 7pm on Sunday, and the topic will be 'Bittersweet views'. Last week I mis-remembered the topic that was coming up for this week; sorry about that. That topic on the lay-monastic distinction in Buddhism will actually be in March.

As for the topic of bittersweet views... we will look at how we create and hold views of our reality (perspectives, opinions, biases, etc.) and how this shapes our experience. Also, we will talk about how it can sometimes feel so good (sweet) to feel clear on a subject and to firm up our perspective. But, at the same time, this can end up being a challenge (bitter) in our practice and in our life. Please feel free to bring your questions and thoughts about this subject. Some things to think about: What are your 'views' of reality? Of your self? How fixed are they? How flexible are you in relation to other views and perspectives? Is it possible to hold 'no view' as you move through the world? Think practical, too.... I don't mean this to be overly theoretical.

Alright, hope to see many of you this week. And, remember  Yoga will be taught by Dina this Sunday 6-6:45pm before the sit. So please come with a yoga mat, barefeet and an empty stomach if you would like to participate. For more info about Dina's experience see www.dinahondrogen.com.

With peace,

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