January 2, 2012

Gratitude Practice for the Year!!!

Hello Everyone,
It was so inspiring to see so many of you last night. May more beings be happy and find harmony in their lives as a result of our practices for ourselves and for others.

So to encapsulate last night's talk on Gratitude practice:

Remembering that it  can help us become more peaceful, sleep better, be less annoyed in our lives, and skillfully let us see another more positive perspective to the dukkha that arises in our everyday lives -

1) We can get a gratitude buddy and email each other daily or several times a week, what we are grateful for.
2) Keep a weekly gratitude journal where we write 5 one liner sentences about what we are grateful for.
**Important: Breathe each time we think of what we are grateful for and spend some time focusing on the heart center and feeling what this gratitude feels like to our heart, body and mind.
3) Write a letter to someone and read it out to them saying what we appreciate about them. (300 words)
4) Have a ritual in which we can spend some moments expressing gratitude with ourselves and/or loved ones.

Best to do a little but consistently each week and in 2 months, we can check in with each other on how the practice is going and if any changes have been noticed.

Hoping that you all will have some pleasure with this practice and remembering not to do it if at any time it doesn't feel good to do , i.e. if you are going through a bad patch in your lives, but hopefully over time of practice during neutral times in our life, this will reinforce and support us during the bad times. Only time will tell!

with much metta and gratitude for your practices,


ps don't forget that starting this month, on every last Sunday of the month, sangha member Dina Hondrogen will be leading yoga classes at 6-645 pm at the Alameda Sangha. Bring your own mat!

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