December 19, 2011

Reminder for the Holidays - Equanimity Dharma Talk on Dec 25

Hello Everyone,

May this find you all well and remembering to breathe and direct metta to yourselves whenever stress occurs this week. I am sending our weekly email out early so you may be able to plan ahead before getting too enmeshed in the fray of the holidays and to know that there will be a quiet and calm refuge that you can come to on Christmas Day evening if you wish to meditate and hear about cultivating Equanimity, the last on the list of the 10 Paramis that we have been exploring together this year since January 2011,

Come and learn about this more advanced practice of Equanimity. From a respected dhamma teacher, Phillip Moffit, he offered that there is a difference between tranquility (calm) and equanimity and that one doesn't have to be calm or tranquil in daily life in order to be equanimous. Tranquility or calm is when there are no internal or external disturbances present. Equanimity is when we are not disturbed by the disturbances. Isn't this a great mental quality to aspire to? Come and find out more on Sunday. May you all have peaceful and restful holidays,

with metta, Pauletta

Event Announcement
Baruch Golden and I will be leading a 4 week course on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.
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