December 19, 2011

Steps of Liberative Dependant Origination

Dear Friends,

It's practically impossible to listen to a talk about 12 different things and come away with the list clear in your mind.  I think these 12 "steps" are a joyful progress to note, though, so here's the list and a few of my explanatory notes to remember how they work:
  1. Suffering -- acknowledge
  2. Confidence -- that the path works & you can do it
  3. Delight -- in seeing the practice reduce stress in your life
  4. Joy -- in the practice; directly proportional to your absorption in it
  5. Tranquility -- When steps 2-4 dispell anxiety & agitation, a clarity remains after the exuberance of joy
  6. Happiness -- a deep sense of well being, more satisfying than joy
  7. Concentration -- the capacity to stay focused on the present moment
  8. Knowing what is -- dukkha, change & no separate selfhood + the 4 Noble Truths (suffering & its end)
  9. Disenchantment with clinging -- seeing that wanting is not fun
  10. Dispassion -- letting go
  11. Liberation -- having let go
  12. Knowledge -- that you are free and how you got there
Hope this is helpful.  See you next year!

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