December 26, 2011

10th Paramis: Upekka or Equanimity Practice For the Week

Hello Everyone
Thanks so much for coming last night. It was very nourishing to practice sitting in silence with all of you after the flurry of activity of the holiday weekend.  Such peace!!!!

So last night we talked about what equanimity is: as per Phillip Moffit, not being disturbed by the disturbances which as we can reflect from our daily life experiences, is not always easy to do.

What I did forget to offer last night were 2 situations in daily life in which many of us have already shown and experienced the potential to cultivate equanimity and these are:
1) that it is possible to have chaos and disturbances all around us externally but still remain equanimous because the energies of the mind, heart and body are all in balance.


2) Even if conditioned reactivity gets charged and we begin to move in that unwholesome direction with words and/or action, we come back to centered balance and stabitlity when we realize that we want to change course and this is when equanimity takes over.

It's important to notice whenever one of the 2 situations happen and appreciate the deep sense of peace and liberation that accompanies it as we see that we aren't caught by what we see and experience.

Also, remember that equanimity can help protect against the 8 worldly winds so that we aren't pushed around by them and the potential dukkha that can arise.
And these are praise and blame, success and failure, pleasure and pain and fame and disrepute.

And the equanimity phrases to practice with these categories: the neutral person, the benefactor, the friend, the difficult person, oneself, all beings and groups

1) You are the owner of your actions. Your happiness and unhappiness depends on your actions, not upon my wishes for you.

2) I will care fo ryou but cannot keep you from suffering.

3) No matter how much I may wish for things to be otherwise, things are as they are.

4) May I be undisturbed by the coming and going of events.

Use whichever phrase resonates for you and feel free to tweak the wording if necessary to fit your particular situation you are working towards not staying caught up in.

Also, last night, we launched right into the meditation sitting at 7 pm and did the check in after the 5 minute stretch break. I thought it worked quite well, and awas very restorative. I would like to do it again this coming Sunday, Jan. 1st when I speak about Gratitude and see how that feels. I would welcome any input that any of you would have about changing up the sequence of how things are presented on the nights I teach.

Have a peaceful and restful week,

metta, Pauletta

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