December 1, 2011

Alameda Sangha, this Sunday, Dec. 4th, 7-9pm

Hi everyone,
This week the topic will be 'kalyana mitta'.  This is a phrase from Buddhist writings and culture that expresses the idea of 'good friends', 'spiritual friends', 'admirable friends', etc.  It's an integral part of the practice of dhamma, or you could say it is integral to getting along well in this world, period.  We can't do it all alone; and if we have supportive, admirable people around us, things can only be made easier.  I know it is one of my intentions around sanghas (Buddhist communities) that they be real-life examples of this Buddhist concept.  Maybe if people want to, we can explore how that functions in the Alameda Sangha.

So, this will be the topic for this week.  If you so desire, and if you're planning on coming this Sunday; it may be a useful reflection to think about the relationships in your life and how they support you and support your ability to engage in the world; whether through practice or in whatever way is deeply important to you.  And, of course, reflect on the opposite as well.  How are you supportive/admirable for those around you who are also engaging with the world every day?

Hope to see you Sunday, May you be well,

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