November 21, 2011

Practices for the Week to help us get through the holidays

Hello Everyone,
It was good to see such enthusiasm last night to try some different tools to get us all through the holidays this year. Very inspiring.

First off, please find below, the link to my Fall newsletter with a yummy recipe for Thanksgiving as well as some writings on Khanti cultivation and other good things with artwork.
Pauletta's fall newsletter
The link is also found on the Alameda Sangha website, my website: as well as the link to my old Summer newsletter thanks to our webmaster extraordinaire, Susan Haumeder.

So for this week, please remember to do:

1) Deep Listening practice where we drop into our bodies, (grounding with our hands and feet), finding the breath. THen setting the intention to not interrupt the speaker while he/she is speaking, finish sentences for him/her or stay waiting until they finish speaking so you can then say what you are wanting to say.

2) The four aspects of Samma Vacca or Wise Speech which are speaking what is true, helpful, kind and appropriate.

3) Background self-care practices of Mind Training and Metta. Metta can be practiced on or off the cushion, and for mind training, acts of self-care as well as some time spent analyzing and investigating what verbal interactions have not habitually gone well in past holiday celebrations and how these tools could be helpful in changing outcomes.

Remember to listen to my metta talk online that was done in August of this year and this talk will be up soon.

with metta and gratitude,
Happy Turkey Day! Pauletta

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