October 13, 2011

This Sunday: Kamma - Cause and Effect

Hello Everyone,

Talks from this past Sunday of the three of us about the Three Characteristics of Existence are up on our website. As is Anthony Rodgers' Guided Meditation so you now have 2 choices of guided meditation to listen to during your home sitting daily meditation practice.

Hoping to see you this Sunday for an offering of the teaching on Kamma (Pali word for Karma, from the Sanskrit): Cause and Effect. This talk is inspired by one given on this topic by Ajahn Amaro, my favorite monastic teacher who really has a great perspective on this teaching and how we can apply ourselves for more wholesome effects from our intention which fuels our actions, right here and right now, in this very lifetime which is so exciting to me!

There continues to be lots of controversies with Buddhist and Pali scholars regarding whether or not the Buddha himself really got behind the whole Indian cultural/religious idea behind rebirth and so this talk really focuses on what we can do ourselves in the present moment that will have skillful or unskillful consequences for the future.

Hope that you will join me. Don't forget to tell your friends about the partial daylong of practice that Anthony and I are offering on November 5th. I will leave a huge pile of the postcards at the sangha this Sunday - and the following Sunday, please don't forget to remind Anthony that they are there for him to take a few to pass around in Berkeley.

May your practice benefit yourselves and yours this week, much metta,


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