September 23, 2011

This Sunday: Mindfulness works even when not...

Dear Friends,

When I'm meditating, trying to be aware of the sensations of breathing, I will realize that instead I've been planning what to wear the next day.  Then I'm tempted to think mindfulness just wasn't working for me.  Later, during the day, I will lose my temper and tell someone just what I think of them.  Another failure of mindfulness?

Not really.  Mindfulness works in valuable ways even when we think it's 'not working.'  Having established a practice and become familiar with what mindfulness is, we're able to mine riches from those moments we ordinarily consider lapses of mindfulness.

We'll look at how to do this on Sunday, 7-8:30 when we explore, "How Mindfulness Works When It's Not Working."  Bring a friend and join us.

Looking forward to seeing you again,

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