August 29, 2011

Working with aversion this week

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday. So I myself already experienced minor aversion when at a 4 way stop by the Nob Hill shopping center the car across the intersection from me and I arrived at the same time. Because he did not put his turn signals on, when it was our turn to go, I thought he was going straight so I started to go straight and on my way as well, but had to stop suddenly when he started to turn left and cross over me!! Errrrgh! So it hit my gut like a rock and I almost started shaking my head at him to show my displeasure at his not following simple driving rules, but instead took a deep breath and resolved not to let it color the rest of my morning. Phewwww!!

Earlier, this morning, I spoke with the art supply store and the rep said she would send me a free pen. She transferred me to the manager's voice mail so I could relay my complaints which I did minus any anger so that hopefully they can take some steps to rectify the company dynamics and some salespeople's bad attitude towards customers. I'm convinced that companies should take the time to hire Buddhist practitioners who can show them what the mechanics of Right Livelihood is all about. It's so much about one's attitude towards work than about the workplace or the co-workers or the bosses even. And being mindful in what one does at work to complete the job goes a long way to mutual satisfaction and good feelings all around between customer and service person.

So, sorry to be so longwinded, but in your practices this week, please attempt to notice when aversion/hatred/anger/irritation occurs in your daily life and even on the cushion. First, recognize that it's there. Decide is this pleasant, unpleasant or neutral? If unpleasant, feel how it's manifesting in the body. Give yourself compassion as you feel the unpleasant qualities. Then finally, trying hard to have no expectation, notice when the aversion leaves.

With the art store incident, the aversion stayed with me for 2 1/2 hours non stop. I did try to change the energy in my body a bit by walking the dog, talking to my husband about it. These helped but the unpleasant feelings dragged for what seemed to be a very long time. It was great when it finally lifted though and I was able to let go of the anger!

So Anthony will be looking forward to your check-ins.

Take care and stay grounded, remember to breathe,


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