August 22, 2011

Practicing with the first kilesa this week: Greed

Hello Everyone,

My talk from last night should be posted soon. Hoping that this finds you well.

So for this week, just practice seeing when greed/sensual desire/lust/grasping/craving arises. Feel it in your body and watch what your mind does with it.

Because I had to do an overview of all three kilesas plus spend time on the first one last night, I was concerned that the talk was longer than usual. So, of course I forgot to read an important quote by Analayo regarding the hindrance/and kilesa of greed from his book,Satipatthana. Here it is:

p. 193 "The particular dynamic of sensual desire is such that, every time a sensual desire is gratified, the act of gratification
fuels ever stronger subsequent manifestations of the same desire............As the Buddha pointed out, the way to inner peace and composure necessarily depends on gaining independence from this vortex of desire and gratification."

So this powerful message of Analayo is saying that we shouldn't "fuel the fire" of our cravings because it leads to a vicious cycle of wanting more and more and more and never being satisfied.

Wishing you all good practice and reflection,
with gratitude for your efforts and sincere openheartedness,

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