July 14, 2011

This Sunday: Buddhist Ethics

Hi everyone,
This week we'll continue our discussion of Buddhist Ethics.  Last week, I wanted to change the language some and suggest looking at it as 'behavior', and 'what is appropriate to do?' as we make our way through this world.

On Sunday, I would encourage you to bring in some examples from your life so that we can discuss issues as they actually play out in our lives.  Some questions that you could reflect on: 

-  How has meditation/mindfulness practice changed the way I act in the world?  

-  Are there ways that I live that I'm worried will be affected/altered/lost due to my practice of meditation, or my interest in Buddhist teachings?  

-  Are there any parts of my daily life that occupy 'too much' of my mind when I sit down to practice formal meditation, and if so, what does that mean?  

-  Are there habits and behaviors that I'm trying to change by practicing meditation?'

I hope that we'll see many of you this Sunday.  May you all have a good end of your week,
Take care,

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