July 4, 2011

9th Paramis: Metta or Lovingkindness Practice for the Week

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all having a safe and fun 4th of July. Remembering to think about having a little gratitude today towards our beautiful space, the Buena Vista United Methodist Church and all the forces that made it possible for us to continue meeting here. Last night was our first year anniversary in this extraordinary space.

My husband suggested we do a float for the Fourth of July for next year! I think it would be fun to do!

So the talk for last night should be on the website link soon.

Remembering to keep in sight, the power of intention behind the practice of metta to generate care and well-being towards ourselves and others, as well as planting the seeds for more love and connection in our lives with others will help us persevere in the practice which is a powerful antidote against both fear and aversion.

May you have a fruitful week of practice and safe holiday,

much metta to you all,

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