June 11, 2011

New audio on Alameda Sangha blog/website: Pauletta's guided meditation and other news

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to share upcoming events and exciting news for the sangha.  Hoping you are all well - I miss you all but will see you soon.
First, our sangha techie extraordinaire, Susan Haumeder, very kindly posted a 12 minute guided meditation recording of my voice on the website/blog so that anyone who wanted to be guided through a meditation sitting could tune in and listen. You would still need to set your own meditation timer as I didn't record 30 minutes of silence and then ring the bell at the end.
I have been creating handmade artist books about meditation in an edition variee of 10 books for the Stage Left Cellars art and wine event on July 2nd (information postcard attached) which I hope you will all come to. I will bring a book to show next time I am at the sangha teaching. I've already pre-sold 2 books to two Dharma practitioners who regularly collect my work.  The book is enclosed in a handmade envelope, with a statement about the interconnection between spiritual practice and art and a CD of me guiding a meditation sitting. Each book sells for $60 and I will donate $20 of it for each book sold to the Insight Prison Project which is a local meditation program similar in some ways to the Dhamma Brothers in the south, right here locally in the prison by Larkspur Landing. It was started by Jack Kornfield at Spirit Rock.
On June 26th, Mary Kay Nelson may be coming to do a short presentation of the Grief workshop she would like to offer for us at Alameda Hospital sometime in the Fall. (This is not completely confirmed, but I will let you all know when I send out my email for the 26th when I will be teaching Aditthana or Determination. This would be a time to ask questions of her in what she can offer, times that would work best, i.e. weekends vs weekday nights, etc.
In the August, I will be hosting at Alameda Sangha on one of the Sundays that I am teaching, the filmmaker of Gifts of Grief. She was interviewed in Passages of the Inquiring Mind current issue on the pages that also have my 3 drawings featured. She will be coming to make a brief presentation about the film, donating it to us as dana (it otherwise costs $65 to purchase) and we will decide to have a showing of the film with panel discussion afterwards at my house in the Fall. This will be by lottery only as I will have to have RSVP's by email and will only be able to have 25 people over in order to sit as comfortably as possible (though this will be still a tight fit) in order to view the film and then discuss it afterwards. We don't have a date yet for this and I may consider doing it twice in the Fall if there is a lot of interest.
Anthony and I will be teaching workshops at Island Yoga once again in the Fall. On two Saturdays in October, the 1st and the 8th, from 1-3 pm, I will be teaching a Mind Training workshop. Anthony and I will be doing a daylong workshop in just practicing (sitting and walking with some yoga movement) from 12-6pm on Saturday, November 5th. Mark your calendars and there will be postcards forthcoming.
This is a lot of good buddhadharma activity to look forward to and I hope you are all as excited as I am.
Thank you all for your attention to our upcoming events. Susan will be posting them on the website as they arise. Don't forget to breathe at intervals throughout your day and remember to notice Impermanence - it's a segway into the two other characteristics of existence, dukkha and anata. There is dukkha in the noticing of anicca because we can't keep holding on to the good things, and dukkha in the anata when we see that we also can't hold on to a firm identification/definition of who we are in any given moment in time.
May you all be well, much gratitude for your practice,

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