June 29, 2011

9th Paramis: Metta or Lovingkindness for Sunday July 2, 2011 and Pauletta Chanco's Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

May this find you well and purified from the bizarre rain yesterday!

Come and learn about one of the most important Buddhist practices this Sunday, known as lovingkindness or metta. The definition is the heartfelt wish for the well being of oneself and others. It is a powerful practice that serves many purposes: i.e. an antidote to fear, counteracting the inner critic as many of you got to experience in the Inner Critic Workshop which Anthony and I offered a few weeks ago, and one of many forms of concentration practice amongst others. It also serves as a powerful reflection once undertaken as a daily practice, of oneself and what is truly going on inside oneself be it self-aversion, aversion towards others, the incapacity to feel love in general. With this practice, one cannot hide from oneself. But with perseverence and khanti (patience), establishing a daily metta practice with one's sitting meditation practice can give forth powerful healing, and interconnection with others and the world all around.

Hope to see you all there...much metta, Pauletta

Here's my summer newsletter, Pauletta Chanco Newsletter. I've included my recipe for Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce. Enjoy!

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